All registrations are done online here. Once the applications have been received, you will be contacted by us via email for confirmation and the next steps.
We aim to offer a variety of services depending on the time of season. However, the current services running now are Elite Coaching, 1-to-1 Coaching and Futsal. The information for all services can be found on the Services page.
Yes. All coaches are Enhanced CRB checked and we actually do request and follow up on references. You can request to see a copy of any coaches CRB should you need to. For general information on our team, follow this link.

Category 1 – Age 5 & 6

Category 2 – Age 7 & 8

Category 3 – Age 9 & 10

Category 4 – Age 11 & 12

It is mandatory for each player to purchase the CGC team kit and wear it to every session. Each kit costs £20.00 (includes the shirt, shorts and socks).
The only discount(s) that is available is on the CGC kit. Each sibling will receive 50% discount on the price of each kit.
Each player will participate in one session (60 minutes) per week. If you would like your child to take part in additional sessions, please contact us on the email below.
Each player must arrive 15 minutes before the session begins.
Each player is required to bring the following:
  • CGC team kit (the responsibility of maintaining the kit to a high standard lies with yourselves)
  • Appropriate footwear – no blades or studs.
  • Shin pads
  • Drinks/fluids for rehydration
Payments will have to be made prior to the first week of sessions that the player will be attending. The payment will be for the full/remainder of the term and can be made via bank transfer, cheque or cash. For cancellation queries, please contact us on the email below.

CGC aims to offer the best customer service therefore we are open to any feedback and queries, so please do not hesitate to contact us on info@crawleygamechangers.co.uk.