Our Services

Elite Coaching

We provide football coaching sessions on a weekly basis. Players of all abilities can participate and experience up to UEFA B level of coaching excellence.

1-to-1 Coaching

We offer 1-to-1 sessions tailored to every individual’s needs and abilities.


An exciting way to enhance technical skills and ability in situations of high pressure in a fast-paced fun game which ultimately leads to generate flair and close ball-control.

Disability Coaching

CGC also accommodates for players with disabilities, allowing them to enjoy the beautiful game in an all-inclusive environment. We have disability licensed coaches who know best how to meet the needs of players and communicate effectively to players with various impairments.

Coach Development

CGC aims not just to develop players - but also coaches. Start your career here and get involved!

CGC Courses

This service will consist of various educational courses for players and parents. These courses will vary from a child’s career advice and the role of the parents towards their child’s involvement in the professional game.

Girls Football

At CGC we aim to provide equality and diversity through additional coaching sessions for girls of all abilities and by offering coaching to those with disabilities. These will be girls-only sessions.

CGC Tours

Our players will be offered to participate in trips nationally and internationally (within Europe), to experience what it’s like to be a professional football player. Stadium tours, training sessions at world class football clubs and their facilities and outdoor activities, watching a match.

Scouting & Trials

At CGC we are determined and supportive for our player’s progression & development. We aim to do this through holding trial events and linking our players to top scouting professionals through our rich footballing network.